Friday, December 4, 2015

College Ave Stitchers Yarn Lottery

Did you know that we have a Yarn Lottery when we meet the 1st Saturday of each month?


                  Two of our past winners with their new yarn!

It's completely voluntary.  BUT if you choose to participate this is how it works....

* Bring an unused skein or ball of yarn.
* Put it in the pot.
* Add your name to the drawing.
* If your name is drawn, YOU get all of the yarn to take home with you right then and there!

The more people who participate, the more yarn to be won.

Remember, it's completely voluntary so only those who want to participate. It's fun!

Our next gathering is Saturday, December 5th 11:30-1:30 at the College Ave Library Branch located at 4801 N College Ave, Indianapolis.

We are a group of yarn crafters (knit, crochet, cross stitch, loom knitters, etc) who get together to learn, teach, share, talk, laugh and meet new people.

You'd need to bring your own supplies.
Let me know if you have any questions.

We hope that you'll join us!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Michaels Knit & Crochet Class Info

I have added my Michaels knit and crochet class schedule for December - February to the calendar on the right.  Click on each date for more details.

Be sure to note the following:

* I have changed the time of the Maker Night Yarn (Yarn Night) to 4:00-6:00

* Beginner Knit and Crochet classes on Sundays are now from 4:00-6:30

* Saturday, December 5th - ALL Michaels classes will be offered at 50% off the regular price.  You can register instore or online.

* Saturday, January 9th - Michaels Classes Open House and ALL classes will be 50% off the regular price.  You can register instore or online.

I hope to knit or crochet with you soon!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Did you know that Saturday, November 28th is Shop Small Business Day?

Did you know that I, Untangled Stitcher, am a small business???

I received an email from the Indy Chamber letting me know that I could receive a Swag Bag of items to help promote the day.  I picked up my items today.


It included totebags, balloons, buttons, posters and more.


I truly appreciate those who have supported my business!

I hope that YOU will support a small business on November 28th and every day!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Let's discuss the details...

When I'm contacted by a potential customer, I don't think they expect all of the questions that I ask.  I let them know that we need to work out the details but just what does that mean?

First, everything that I knit or crochet is custom made.  That means that YOUR item isn't like anyone elses and no, I don't have a supply just sitting around.


My grandchildren choose and help design their hats. 

For hats, even if you order one like I've posted a picture of, I'll need to know the head measurement of the person it's for and the chosen colors.
I don't post prices because it could change based on the size, type of yarn, how many are ordered, and the time needed to make.

This year I've made and sold quite a few of these headbands.  I've crocheted them with a reflective yarn.  The yarn comes in 7 different colors so when someone orders one, it's easier for them to choose their colors. But I still need their head measurement. 


For the dolls that I make, even more details are needed. Most of them have been made in the likeness of a specific child or person. So I need to know about the hair, skin tone and clothing colors. 

Once customers receive their completed item, they're happy with the finished product and pleased to have something that was made just for them, or the person it will be given to. 

It makes all of the questions worthwhile!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

FREE Arm Knitting Class

Join ME at the  Avon Michaels (or check your local Michaels store) on Monday, October 26th from 6:30-8:30 for a FREE Arm Knitting Class.  You'll need to provide your own yarn but there is no charge for the class.
The pictured sample is made from Lion Brand Vanna's Choice with Dusty Blue, Grey Marble ad Charcoal Grey.  You can choose a comparable yarn and the colors of your choice.

Each Michaels store is offering FREE classes in each of the creative disciplines - yarn, floral, jewelry, art, paper.  Check the online class schedule or in your local store.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stitch It Forward

Saturday, October 17th was I Love Yarn Day!  People were encouraged to #StitchItForward and teach someone to  knit or crochet.  
There was also a movement to Yarn Bomb Facebook with images of hand knit and crochet items along with encouraging people to share why they knit or crochet.  

I spent part of Thursday and Friday teaching my 6 year old granddaughter how to crochet.  She's old enough now to take it serious.  I taught her the chain stitch and she made 2 necklaces and 1 bracelet.  

My 6 year old granddaughter's first completed crochet project.
 A necklace for me!
She left my house with her own supply bag, crochet hook and I let her "shop" from my vast supply of yarn.   She's already asked me to teach her how to make all of the things that she's seen me make. I told her she needs to learn more stitches. I told her she can learn a new stitch every week but she has to practice.  

 She said it was like magic! I was so happy to see her excited and am proud to know that someday,  when she's asked who taught her how to crochet (she wants me to teach her to knit too) that she'll say her grandmother :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Feeling blessed and alive at 55!

I am extremely blessed to be at a position in my life where I spend my time doing things that truly mean a lot to me.  It was a year ago this month that I took that giant leap to focus on what makes me happy. 

My days include spending time with my grandchildren, crocheting, knitting, walking, volunteering, reading, teaching, taking naps, making new friends and just being happy!

This was a weekend of firsts for me.  My first time walking in back to back 5ks, my first time doing a trail race, my first time being part of a team for a race.  

The view along the Geat Pumpkin Race 5k. Oct. 11. 

These are the pumpkin hats that I crocheted for my team members. 

In addition to the 5k I walked on the 11th of Oct., I also walked in one on the 10th to benefit my granddaughter's school district. 
  For Saturday's 5k, I placed in my age group!  

To finish the hats in time for the race, I took a break from other projects so this week I'll be back to crocheting hearts for The Peyton Heart Project.  For October the hearts will be orange in honor of Bully Prevention Month.  

Other upcoming projects include a mermaid blanket for my granddaughter, a bear for a daughter, booties for a customer and maybe another piece for an art show. 
 And anything else that my grandchildren ask for :)

I hope that you're getting to do what makes you happy!

Friday, October 2, 2015

It's THAT time of the year...

Some like fall because of the changing leaf colors, or the fact that EVERYTHING comes in pumpkin flavor.  Me, I look forward to knitting and crocheting new things for the cooler season.

I finally finished the crocheted puppies my grandchildren asked for back in the summer.
16 legs, 8 ears, 4 muzzles, 4 tails, 4 bodies, 4 heads

4 finished puppies

I knit and crochet year round but it's this time of year when I get orders for items that will keep people warm.  Hats are the most popular.  I am walking in an upcoming 5k Pumpkin Run and will be crocheting pumpkin hats for my team members.

My grandchildren have put in their hat orders.  I make them at least 2 each every year.  I will make a hat for my great niece and 4 great nephews.  I also have a customer waiting for 3 hats and a daugther who has asked for a teddy bear.

I've spent a lot of time recently walking (over 50 miles a week) and crocheting hearts for the Peyton Heart Project.  I've combined the two by scattering hearts while out on my walks.

I passed these out at the recent Mustached Turtle Dash to benefit the Peace Learning Center.
I will crochet orange ones in recognition of bully prevention month. 

Fall breaks are coming up,  so the 4 school districts that I'm involved with will be off for 1-2 weeks, but not at the same time.  I hope to use some of this time to do a lot of walking, crocheting and knitting.

The last thing that I want is to get behind on my to-do lists.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Peyton Heart Project


I recently found out about the Peyton Heart Project.  Their goal is to raise awareness about teen suicide & bullying.  They would also like to help end the stigma surrounding suicide  and other mental health issues.  

The project is named after Peyton James, a 13 year old teen, who in the fall of 2014, died by suicide after years of being bullied.  The project wants to take these delicate yarn hearts, each one made by hand and each one perhaps representing the delicate heart of a life lost to suicide, and attach inspiring quotes to them.  The plan is to leave them in public places for people to find during their everyday lives.  It is hoped that the hearts cause people to stop for a moment and reflect on a young life lost to suicide, on bullying and on the fact that everyone's life matters.  To leave people with a feeling that there is still good out there in the world and to inspire others to join on the mission of kindness.  


Thursday, September 17th, I passed out 11 crocheted hearts first on my 5 mile morning walk in Indianapolis and then when I was in Brownsburg.   It was such a rewarding feeling to know that someone would find a heart and hopefully smile.  

One side of the attached tag has an inspiring quote and the other lists information asking the finder to share on social media where they found their heart.

There are several ways to be involved in this project. They will accept yarn donations, completed hearts, and want others to create and distribute hearts. 

If you would like to help spread the Peyton Heart Project and its message in your town  please email them at and they will send you the necessary files. 

You can find them on Facebook at The Peyton Heart Project

I'm off to crochet more hearts!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Michaels Classes Open House & 50% Off!

Saturday, September 12, 2015 ALL Michaels stores will have 
a Classes Open House from 11-3.

This is an opportunity to meet the instructors, have your questions answered AND save 50% off ALL class registrations.  The discount is available in-store and online.

To register online click on
Look for "Featured In-Store Class" and click on "View Classes".
 Next you'll look for Knit and Crochet

Then "See Schedules by Store"
 You'll be directed to enter your zip code to locate your nearest Michaels location.  Then choose the store location that you'd like to take classes at.  You can also look at other classes by changing the "class categories".  The kids crochet and weaving classes are listed under "kids' programs".

My Michaels flier now includes all classes on one page

The Beginner Knit and  Crochet classes all offer NEW projects that include something for everyone!

#KnitHappy   #CrochetHappy

Friday, September 4, 2015

Back at it!

After finishing my Knit & Crochet Level II Certification requirements, I took some time off from knitting and crocheting. My sholder needed the rest.

My long list of projects hasn't gone anywhere though.  Now I'm rested, not in pain and back at it. 

This week I bought yarn to make the new knit and crochet class projects.  In case you didn't  know, I make each project.  That lets me see any potential challenges for students and allows me to have finished items to be seen and touched.

Michaels is having a Classes Open House on Saturday, September 12th from 11-3.   For all the classes that you register for, either in-store or online, you'll receive a 50% off discount.

Crochet Beginner 1
ends waiting to be woven in

Knit Beginner 1
Hat with Pompom
in progress

Open House is a good time to meet instructors, ask questions  and see the new class schedules. You can find more information online at . Enter your zip code to find the Michaels in your area.

My class schedule can be found on my calendar to the right.  Click on each specific date for more details.  You can leave a comment or email me if you have questions.

I look forward to knitting or crocheting with you soon!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Just what is College Ave Stitchers?

I'm sure some of you have asked yourself this very question.  It is a group of yarn crafters - knitters, crocheters, loom knitters - anyone who works with yarn, thread, fiber OR someone who wants to learn.

We meet the 1st Saturday of each month at the College Avenue Library located at 4180 N College Ave in Indianapolis from 11:30-1:30.

These are some of our regular attendees. 

We bring in things that we've made to show off. 
For those who are interested, we have a Yarn Lottery.  To participate, bring a full skein of yarn from a pet and smoke free environment.  Those who do will have their name entered into the drawing and one lucky person leaves each month with new yarn. 
I provide instructions for FREE and each participant needs to bring their own supplies.

What supplies? May be your next question.  That depends on what you want to learn.  For KNITTING I would suggest  size 8 or larger knitting needles and a light, solid colored #4 yarn.
For CROCHETING I would suggest a size H or larger hook and a light, solid colored #4 yarn.

For patterns, I always recommend checking out books from the library before buying them. Children's books are good ones to start with.  You can also get free patterns from yarn labels, yarn websites and  displays in most craft store yarn departments.

One of the things some of us will be doing this fall and winter is making items to donate.  I will donate blankets and hats to the Wheeler Mission.  If you're intimidated by knitting or crocheting a whole blanket you can make blocks and then join them to make a blanket.  We collect knit and crochet blocks at Michaels (where I teach knit and crochet classes for a fee) as part of Warm Up America!  I have donated several blankets that I've joined to University Hospital but will start giving them to Wheeler Mission.
Kitted and crocheted blocks 
Joined into strips

Finshed blanket

Lap blanket I made from leftover yarn

If you have any questons feel free to send me an email at

We would love to have you join our friendly, welcoming group!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Designed by Denise Smith

As I typed and edited the written portion of my Craft Yarn Council Level II Knit & Crochet Certified Instructors Program, I was able to include "Designed by Denise Smith".  The 10th assignment was to design and write an original sweater pattern, with sleeves.


Crocheted Sweater    Knitted Sweater

I have to admit, when I completed Level I of the Certification Program had no desire or interest in desigining and writing patterns. But over the years I've often knit or crocheted items just by looking at a picture.  I've also made things "freehand".

I would write notes in case I wanted to make those items again. But it's very different to write a pattern that (1) will be evaluated by a Master Teacher or (2) made by another person.  There are so many details to be included, that is if the designer wants it to be a pattern easily understood by others.  Did you know that some designers use 'pattern testers'?  I tried once to test a pattern for a designer but I wasn't chosen.  Some pay money and some let the tester keep the finished item along with any leftover yarn.

I'm not sure if I want to make these patterns available for others.  My hesitation is (1) because the sweaters were custom made for one of my daughters so the size isn't a typical one,  (2) I only wrote the patterns in one size which limits potential customers and (3) I'm not sure that I want to answer a lot of questions when it comes to people trying to make the sweaters.  I've found free patterns on blogs and read some of the questions that people ask.  I guess if the pattern is written well enough to anticipate potential problems the questions should be fewer.  It probably wouldn't be much different than answering questions when I'm teaching a knit or crochet class.

My Master Teacher has asked that I wait until after September 2nd to mail the box to her but it will all be finished and ready today.

I'm typing the patterns from my notes (I wrote as I knit and crocheted), making sure that I've completed everything on the assignment checklists, and getting it all packed up and ready to go.

For more information about the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) Certified Instructors Program (CIP) check out the Craft Yarn Council's website.

Level I - Certified Instructor
Level II - Certified Teacher
Level III - Professional

So will I continue on to become a Master Knit and Crochet Teacher?  You never know ;)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Just what is "Yarn Night" at Michaels?

Some of you may have been asking yourself this very question.

knitting on dpns
double point
crocheting in
the round

loom knitting

crocheting with
a big hook
loom knitting

Yarn Night at Michaels is an opportunity to get help with a yarn related project such as knitting, crocheting, loom knitting, weaving or something similiar.

People come in with their projects and can receive assistance from a Craft Yarn Certified Knit/Crochet Instructor (me) or from any of the other people who are in attendance.

It's also an oprotunity to sit and stitch without interruptions and meet others who enjoy yarn crafts.

It is not a class so  I am not teaching anything new.

It is only $5.00!

We meet once a month for at least 2 hours and have a really good time.  At our August meeting 3 of the ladies wanted clarification on creating a crochet 'magic circle'.  I was able to do that for them.

Another wanted to make sure that her knit project was on track and wanted some guidance on binding off.

Beginning on September 5th, these nights will have a new name, date and time
  Maker Night Yarn 
 the 1st Saturday of each month
 from 6:30-8:30. 

YOU are invited to join us, provided that you live near or are willing to drive to the Avon, IN area :)

Or look for the Maker Night Yarn at a Michaels near you.

I look forward to knitting and/or crocheting with you soon!