Monday, January 27, 2014


Welcome and thank you to those of you who are visiting my blog for the first time!  My creation of the QR code was done specifically for the Meet the Artists show so people can learn more about me and my art.  If you're interested in learning how to knit or crochet, click on the calendar to the right.  There you'll find details about the classes that I teach, both free and for a fee at the Michaels in Avon, IN.

If you're interested in purchasing one of the items I've displayed, or having something made, you can contact me at

To see behind the scenes pics of my creative process for the art show click on the tab above -
 The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by The Motherland

To those of you who have been 'long-time' supporters of mine, I continue to THANK YOU!

I can also be found at: - Untangled Stitch Stitcher


My (first ever) art display is now on exhibit!

Everything you see that's made of a fiber was either knit or crocheted.  Yes, even the black bowl which is the only thing I didn't create exclusively for this display.  The hat form was white until Saturday night when I decided to paint it!

The chairs will be moved to their display location and roped off this week. 

I'll admit I was equally excited and nervous yesterday morning as I was packing my items to take to Central Library for the art installation.  I don't know why, maybe because LOTS of people will pass by and maybe even stop to look at my displays!  I wondered if others would see what I had in mind as I spent countless hours and many sleepless nights getting everything just right.  I was reassured when several library employees stopped by to support me (Big thanks to Penny, Kim & Tony). And I was even more relaxed when a well known artist Kris said that my chairs looked like something you'd see in a museum.  I was then able to relax and start to enjoy my "artist" status.

When I got home I slept for a good 7 hours!  My body and mind obviously needed the rest.  I didn't do anything productive the rest of the night either.  Today I'm energized and ready to get back at it!  First my poorly neglected house gets attention then I'll start on the vest I plan to crochet to wear to the Gala Reception.  Of course there's the stuff I need to do for work too.

I hope everyone is keeping warm with this latest arctic cold snap we're in the midst of.  A perfect time to knit and/or crochet!

Be sure to click on the tab above "The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by The Motherland" for behind the scenes pictures of my creative process.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Thank you to everyone for visiting my blog and for supporting all of my knit and crochet efforts!  Especially those who are tired of me talking about this art show!  I've been talking about it for a year now and in only 2 weeks all of the items will be on display at the Central Library in downtown Indianapolis.

I also wanted to let you know that you can find all of the pictures along with some behind the scenes ones if you click on the tab above - "The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by The Motherland".  And for those of you on Facebook,  be sure to check out my page there - Untangled Stitcher

Thank you!

Progress is being made!

Thanks in part to the winter weather that just about shut down parts of Indiana, I was able to get a LOT of knitting and crocheting done last week.  I'm now down to exactly 2 weeks when everything has to be finished so it can be installed for the Meet the Artists Art Exhibit which opens January 29th at Central Library.  And NO, I haven't waited until the last minute to get things finished.  I'm sure other 'artists' can relate, I've changed my mind, had new visions and ideas.  I was originally planning to include book marks but couldn't get excited about doing them.  I have decided to make men's hats and bowls instead.  Some of my items will be in a display case which has 3 shelves.  I want each shelf to tell a different story and I want to include things that will appeal to different people.

Shelf 1- crocheted earrings
Shelf 2 - bowls and hats
Shelf 3- knitted and crocheted puppets, stuffed animals and dolls

I want to show the range of my knit and crochet skills with an African theme.  And who knows, I may still include a bookmark or two :)

I learned from a previous project to stand back and look at my items in a different light so as I'm finishing these things, I have them sitting on top of my entertainment center.  I find it amazing that what I had envisioned in my head is now going to be seen by others!

I'm also making the coverings or mats for each shelf of the display case.  So far I've knitted a zebra print, crocheted one that resembles grass and am still trying to narrow down what the third will be.  I'm leaning towards a loom woven one.  Below are a few new pictures.

Back to knitting and crocheting for me!

Knitted elephant and lion puppets
Crocheted giraffe
Crocheted hippo

Crocheted boy and girl dolls

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crocheted Earrings in Kente Cloth Colors

I finished the crocheted earrings for my art display!

Kente Cloth Colors denote specific meanings.

Blue- peace, togetherness, love and harmony
Black - maturity, spiritual energy, mourning, funeral and passing rites
Gold - high worth, richness, fertility, royalty, prosperity, monetary wealth
Green - land, crops, vegetation, harvest, growth, spiritual growth and renewal
Yellow - high worth, richness, fertility, royalty, prosperity, monetary wealth
Grey - healing rituals, cleansing rituals symbolizes ash
Pink - feminine, mildness and feminine qualities
White - pureness, cleansing rites and festivals
Maroon - mother earth and healing
Red - death, funerals, mourning
Purple - feminine, worn by girls and women
Silver - peace and joy, referencing to the moon

I used metallic embroidery thread          Bamboo Cord                bonbons yarn and sock yarn (not pictured)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Updated Class Schedule

I have updated my Michaels knit and crochet schedule through June.

Click on the calendar to the right for more details about each class.  To see a picture of each project click above on Michaels @ Avon -Class Schedule & Projects.  Scroll down to see all of the pictures.

Remember that the Michaels Classes Open House is Saturday January 11th and knit and crochet classes will be offered at $20.00 instead of $25.00.

Kids Crochet classes are still $15.00 each.

I'm still waiting to hear if those who register for classes online will receive the discount. I'll post the info as soon as I find out.

If there's a "Special Class" that you'd like for me to schedule let me know.

For February I'll offer a Ruffle Scarf class- choose to  knit or crochet or both.

For March I'll offer a Crochet Sock class.

Some previous experience is required for both.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Guess who just created her very own QR Code? 

Yep, me!

It will be be displayed with my art show items (and maybe on my new business cards) so when people scan it they'll be led here to my blog.  I'm so excited!

I'll have pics of some finished items to post in a day or so.  What better way to spend time during the upcoming winter storm than to knit and crochet! 

Stay warm and safe everyone.