Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank goodness for crocheting (and knitting)!

What better way to end an unusually stressful work week than by teaching 3 new eager crochet students?!
I hadn't taught a class at the Avon Michaels since... November.

There were also 2 bags of Warm Up America blocks waiting for me so I'll work on those and deliver completed blankets to Riley Hospital soon.

This is one of my recently completed cowls that I absolutely love!   It looks more complicated than it really is and it's one of the items from the Michaels knit classes. It's the Fair Isle technique using a chart.

This is the shrug I knit to wear last week.  It looks better on than it does in this picture.  It's long sleeved and can be crossed either in the front or back for a different look.  If you look close enough, you can see that the fringe is different lengths. Oops! It was designed to be made using a bulkier yarn but I wanted it in a 4 weight.  I also used a stockinette stitch as opposed to the garter stitch in the pattern.  I think I'll make another one using a bulkier yarn.  

A rare picture of me with some of my fellow committee members after our Gala Reception last weekend.  And yes, I also made my dress. 

I'm now working on knitting another cowl.  I need to crochet the 2nd of a pair of socks for my granddaughter and I owe my grandson 2 crocheted stuffed animals.  Then there's the second chair covering that we are yarn bombing at work. But knowing me, I'll start something completely new ; )

Thursday, February 7, 2013



Wanna know a secret?
It looks like my knit class with Trade School Indianapolis might open up to accept more students!  Someone has offered to help so we can let in 10 more people. Keep checking back at the site to see when that happens, that is IF you're interested in taking a FREE beginner knitting class in exchange for donating books to Indy Reads Books!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I've got good news and bad news...


The good news is that my knit class with Trade School Indianapolis in March is full! Yep, in less than 24 hours all 10 spots have been claimed.  I'm excited that so many of you want to learn how to knit and I can't wait to meet you all!

The bad news is that all the spots have been claimed.  So anyone who didn't see the information until later, I'm sorry.  BUT, I'm thinking about scheduling another class.  If you'd be interested, let me know.

I'd thought before about offering a crocheting class next with Trade School Indianapolis.  I'll have to see what my April calendar looks like, maybe I can do both a knit and a crochet class.  And by the way, the "thing" I'm bartering for is books to be donated to Indy Reads Books. 

I will update my calendar on here soon.  I will give you a heads up - there will be another Classes Open House at Michaels early in March and there will be a 25% discount!

Also, I'm planning a series of classes in which I teach both knit and crochet in the same class - for instance in March I will offer a Ruffle Scarf class at the Avon Michaels.  Students can come whether they want to learn how to knit or crochet the scarf,or both! I'm thinking of what other things I can offer that people will be interested in... socks, dish cloths, etc.  If you have ideas, share them with me.  Remember that I have to have at least 2 paying students for my classes at Michaels.  You could always bring a friend!

I have a BIG library event this weekend and once all of that's out of the way I can give more attention to other things.  I'm in the process of knitting a shrug to wear and will also make (sew) my dress.  I will post pictures since I'm behind in posting the last cowl that I made.  I used the Fair Isle technique and absolutely love it!
More to come soon!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I just added a new page (see tab above) with more info about the knitting class with Trade School Indy.  Be sure to check it out!

I have something new to be excited about!!!

#BREAKING: Loving this #Breaking thing - twice in one day! NEW CLASS JUST POSTED! Knitting Basics by Denise Smith! Sign up here and quick!
You now have another FREE opportunity to learn how to knit.  I am offering a class through Trade School Indianapolis
  The way it works is on a barter system. Click on the link above for more details but I want to help Indy Reads Books so in addition to the items you'd need to knit with, I'm asking for book donations. 
Trade School  Indy offers a variety of classes so be sure to check them out!  In addition to their website they're on Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Crocheting in the snow....

Well not exactly, we were inside warm and cozy, but we all braved the snow to get to the College Avenue Library to enjoy good company!  Two of the ladies learned how to crochet and the other two learned some new crocheting techniques. 
I feel successful when I'm able to teach something and that was accomplished!
If you missed us this month, we'll get together again at the College Avenue Library on Saturday, March 2nd from 10:30-12:30. Bring your yarn, knitting needles, crocheting hooks or knitting loom and good positive attitude!

College Ave Stitchers - Feb 2, 2013