Monday, December 30, 2013

Countdown to Meet the Artist Art Installation Day

Sunday, January 26th, the day I will deliver my art exhibit "The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by The Motherland" to the Central Library so it can go on display on Wednesday, January 29,2014. No pressure right?!

Michaels Classes Open House

Join me at the Avon Michaels on Saturday, January 11th from 1:00-2:00 to learn more about the classes that are offered.  All Knit & Crochet classes that you register and pay for that day will be $20.00 instead of $25.00!  

You'll also receive via email a voucher to receive $20.00 off class supplies when you sign up for a class!  You must have the email to receive the bonus offer.   

We're also trying something new.  Beginning on February 15th from 4:00-6:00 we will have 

$5 Yarn Night

This is a social time for students to get together and crochet/knit and not a time to introduce new techniques or teach. 
These will be the 3rd Saturday of each month and should be a LOT of fun!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bartering works!

 My photographer friend Amelia of thanksandsorryphotos and I bartered.  In exchange for my photo shoot for my head shots, I agreed to make the items of her choice.  At left are the 3 hats that she chose.

So now the ONLY thing on my knit/crochet to do list are the things for my art show exhibit.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

By the numbers...

In the last  4 weeks, I have knit/crocheted-
1 cowl
2 infinity scarves
4 headband/ear warmers
26 hats -
     6 gingerbread boys/girls, 1 snowman, 1 reindeer, 1 owl, 1 turkey, 3 Cookie Monsters, 2 Spider men, 3        puppy dogs, 4 Hello Kitty's, 1 giraffe, 1 with a flower, 2 for my photographer (more on that later)
     and 2 pair of mittens! 
   Aren't these just the cutest little mittens?

You may have noticed none of that included items for my upcoming art exhibit.  

More numbers...
  5- the number of days until I need to submit the value of my art exhibit (Dec. 30th)
14 - the number of days until I return to work from Winter Break (Jan 8th)
32 - the number of days until I need to deliver my art show items (Jan 26th)
35 - the number of days until the art show opens to the public (Jan 29th)
45 - the number of days until the Gala Opening Reception (Feb 8th)

So now I'm REALLY on a mission to complete my items!

The plan is to include earrings, bookmarks, puppets, 2 or 3 mats, 2 yarn bombed chairs, and maybe an African Princess doll. Easy, right?

As long as I stick to only working on art show projects and not taking on anything new, I'll be finished on time! 
My photographer friend Amelia and I bartered. In exchange for my photo shoot, I'm making 3 hats of her choosing.  I'll post a picture in a day of two when the 3rd is finished.  Check out her site at thanksandsorryphotos.  You might even find my picture there ;)

January 11 2:00-4:00 

I have just updated my Michaels, Avon class schedule through March.  Some of the highlights include a Classes Open House  on Saturday, January 11 from 2-4:00.  Stay tuned for more information on discounts :)

If you click on the calendar you'll find the details for each specific class.  If you click above on Michaels @ Avon Class Schedule & Projects- and scroll down you'll see pictures of each project.

And remember that I'm very flexible in my scheduling and will meet your individual needs in class and don't need to stick to what is posted.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and announcements!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Busy, busy, busy, but in a good way!

Just some of the many hats I've been busy making
This little snowman will be heading to Dallas, TX.  

Headband/ear warmers

I've been sooo busy knitting and crocheting lately - I wanted to share with you all what's been going on.

My 2 year old grandson asked me to make him a Spiderman hat.  That led to making all 4 of my grandchildren 2 hats each and one for my great nephew and headbands/ear warmers for 2 adult family members and my granddaughter.  Then another daughter asked for a hat.  The good things is I can make each of these items in 2-3 hours.  And I love making things, especially for my family members.  I have some friends and co-workers who are patiently waiting for me to get to them on my 'to do' list.  Too bad I can't just sit around knitting and crocheting all day and night!  If you saw the laundry piled up in places it shouldn't be, you'd think knitting and crocheting are all that I've been doing!

I've set aside time today to get "other" things taken care of.  Like the 2 grants I should have written weeks ago, lesson plans for the week- that will be easy because we're taking our students to see Naptown Nutcracker on December 13th and I want them to be prepared so with all or our students (K-8) I'm reading different versions of the Nutcracker and we're doing fun activities during their library class time.

I've been doing more walking than running lately. Cold weather and my arthritic joints don't get along too well.  I've been running on the treadmill at Krannert Family Center and  Rhodius Park as well as continuing with my Aqua Zumba classes.  My incredibly energetic instructor now has classes at 2 different Indy Parks locations 5 days a week.  My often stiff joints prefer the heated water at Thatcher Family Center.
I've found most of my hat patterns at Repeat Crafter Me.  Sarah has lots of FREE crochet patterns, crafts and recipes. She's also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Etsy.  Check her out!

This week the plans are to make 3 hats for my talented photographer.  She and I bartered- she took my head shots and I'm making the items of her choice. I'll post pics when I finish. I also want to finish the zebra print mat I'm making for my art show.  I have a Special "hat" class scheduled for Sunday the 15th.  That will be after the Jingle Bell 5k Run I'm doing that morning.  And if I walk more than run, I'm fine with that.  I'll also post a pic of the Reindeer Hat I'm making for that.  Below is the hat I wore for the Drumstick Dash I did on Thanksgiving Day.  If I quit letting myself get off track with other projects I'd have my art show pieces all finished, but I have every confidence those will all be finished in plenty of time!