Friday, September 4, 2015

Back at it!

After finishing my Knit & Crochet Level II Certification requirements, I took some time off from knitting and crocheting. My sholder needed the rest.

My long list of projects hasn't gone anywhere though.  Now I'm rested, not in pain and back at it. 

This week I bought yarn to make the new knit and crochet class projects.  In case you didn't  know, I make each project.  That lets me see any potential challenges for students and allows me to have finished items to be seen and touched.

Michaels is having a Classes Open House on Saturday, September 12th from 11-3.   For all the classes that you register for, either in-store or online, you'll receive a 50% off discount.

Crochet Beginner 1
ends waiting to be woven in

Knit Beginner 1
Hat with Pompom
in progress

Open House is a good time to meet instructors, ask questions  and see the new class schedules. You can find more information online at . Enter your zip code to find the Michaels in your area.

My class schedule can be found on my calendar to the right.  Click on each specific date for more details.  You can leave a comment or email me if you have questions.

I look forward to knitting or crocheting with you soon!

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