Monday, May 12, 2014

On a much more positive note...

I have been invited to participate in Flava Fresh XI!

It is an Annual Juried Multiple Exhibition Presentation Series of Contemporary Art.  There are 5 different venues and I'll be creating a total of 10 new pieces. Pictured is the first. Everything will be hung.

Stay tuned for more information including locations, dates, reception times and of course behind the scenes pictures of my works in progress.

The shows creator and curator, D. DelReverda called me "Creative Goddess Denise".

Friday, May 9, 2014

College Avenue Stitchers

For those of you who have attended the College Avenue Stitchers, I want to share with you the following:

Hi Denise,
The momentum seems to have slowed a bit for the knitting group. Although there is still a small core group, the attendance does seem to have stalled. Also I have some concerns since I’ve heard from a few patrons who attended that the atmosphere was not entirely welcoming and  that there was too much private conversation. And since we have been advertising this as a library program, it is important that we are kept in the loop with changes. When there was no class the first  Saturday in May no one at the branch was notified. This would have been important in case patrons asked or so that we could have updated the branch Facebook page.
 In any case, I believe the time has come to end the knitting class.  Thank you for volunteering your time to teach and instruct and share your talent.
 Nicole James
College Avenue Branch
4180 N College Avenue
Indianapolis IN 46205