2015 Meet the Artists XXVII "Art with Passion"

I have been asked to facilitate a craft workshop for this years event and have chosen to lead a weaving activity.  Participants can create their own works of art using yarn and cardboard.
This page will include pictures of my preparation for this event as well as of the event itself.
~Thank you to the African American History Committee for inviting me to participate and to all who stopped by to weave~

Hands busy weaving

A very creative weaver!

Weaving is fun for all ages.

A popular activity

Just some of the MANY cardboard circles that I cut and yarn that I rolled. 

The back of the event flier

The front of the event flier. 
That's me!
I wanted a way to organize yarn for the event that would keep it from rolling all over the place and keep it safe for transporting and storage.  I drilled holes in plastic containers with lids. 

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