Monday, November 23, 2015

Let's discuss the details...

When I'm contacted by a potential customer, I don't think they expect all of the questions that I ask.  I let them know that we need to work out the details but just what does that mean?

First, everything that I knit or crochet is custom made.  That means that YOUR item isn't like anyone elses and no, I don't have a supply just sitting around.


My grandchildren choose and help design their hats. 

For hats, even if you order one like I've posted a picture of, I'll need to know the head measurement of the person it's for and the chosen colors.
I don't post prices because it could change based on the size, type of yarn, how many are ordered, and the time needed to make.

This year I've made and sold quite a few of these headbands.  I've crocheted them with a reflective yarn.  The yarn comes in 7 different colors so when someone orders one, it's easier for them to choose their colors. But I still need their head measurement. 


For the dolls that I make, even more details are needed. Most of them have been made in the likeness of a specific child or person. So I need to know about the hair, skin tone and clothing colors. 

Once customers receive their completed item, they're happy with the finished product and pleased to have something that was made just for them, or the person it will be given to. 

It makes all of the questions worthwhile!

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