Sunday, March 24, 2013

Knit or Crochet Dishcloth class

 Today I offered a class and let the students choose whether to knit or crochet the design of their choice.  Of the 6, 3 were new knitters, 1 was a new crocheter and 2 were more experienced crocheters.  We were in the break room because there was a cake decorating class in the classroom but we made it work!

We had a good time and the young lady had us all laughing, once she got over her initial frustration and "got it". 

And the snow held off until after class!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

13 new knitters are born!

Today was a lot of fun! I taught a Beginning Knitting class via Trade School Indianapolis.  The way it works, a person offers to teach a class and in exchange they ask (barter) for things to be donated to them.  I asked for books to be donated to Indy Reads Books.  It's a small book store that sells donated books and uses the money to fund Indy Reads which provides reading tutors for adults. 

I did end up with some new yarn, some of the class attendees thought they were supposed to bring yarn for me in addition to what they'd need to get started.  I promised to use the yarn for good and not evil!

I hope that everyone ended the class as more confident knitters than they were when they began!

               Thanks Alyssa, Blaire and Brittany- with Indy Reads & Trade School Indianapolis!

The books we all donated!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best Open House Ever!

Today I had 9 sign-ups for my knit/crochet classes at the Avon Michaels!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and chatted with me.  I met some really nice people and many either signed up for a class today or expressed a strong interest in taking a class.  I look forward to knitting and or crocheting with all of you soon!

Tomorrow I'll do a Show IN Tell and will work on dishcloths and hope to get even more students for my dishcloth class that's scheduled for Sunday, March 24th.  It will be my first weekend class and would be the perfect time for anyone who's interested in learning a new stitch.  Let me know the stitch you're interested in learning and I'll teach you!

This is the sign that the Avon Michaels store made to advertise my upcoming classes.
I truly appreciate their support!  Thank you Mary!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

My new sign

This is the new class sign/storyboard that I created for the Avon Michaels store.  It contains fliers that potential students can take with them explaining what the classes have to offer. 

Upcoming events:
* Saturday, March 9th from 11-3 Michaels will have an Open House for Classes.  At this event, you'd be able to meet all of the instructors and get more info and sign up for our classes.  There is also a 25% discount when you sign up for classes on Saturday!

* Sunday, March 10th from 1-3 I will be doing a Dishcloth Show n Tell at which I'll be showing how to make a basic dish cloth. 

*  Sunday, March 24th from 2:00-4:30 I will have a Dishcloth class.  I will teach both knit AND crochet techniques.

* Sunday, April 21st from 2:00-4:30 I will have a Ruffle Scarf class.  I will teach both knit AND crochet techniques.

If there's something specific that you'd like to learn how to make, let me know and I'll see about making it a class. Remember there have to be 2 paying students to have a class so bring a friend to be sure the class can be held!

Click on the calendar to the right to see my class schedule.
I hope to see many of you soon!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How I spent part of my Saturday morning

 What better way to spend a cold, snowy, Saturday morning than with friends at the library and knitting! Two started scarves with new and different yarns.  The other worked on a shawl on circular needles.  They all helped me finish the second of the yarn bombed chair coverings many of our library staff contributed to. 

Then we made our way across the street to the pretzel shop.  I would have posted pics of the pretzels but that wouldn't have been nice of us to tease you with our goodies :)