Sunday, August 16, 2015

Just what is "Yarn Night" at Michaels?

Some of you may have been asking yourself this very question.

knitting on dpns
double point
crocheting in
the round

loom knitting

crocheting with
a big hook
loom knitting

Yarn Night at Michaels is an opportunity to get help with a yarn related project such as knitting, crocheting, loom knitting, weaving or something similiar.

People come in with their projects and can receive assistance from a Craft Yarn Certified Knit/Crochet Instructor (me) or from any of the other people who are in attendance.

It's also an oprotunity to sit and stitch without interruptions and meet others who enjoy yarn crafts.

It is not a class so  I am not teaching anything new.

It is only $5.00!

We meet once a month for at least 2 hours and have a really good time.  At our August meeting 3 of the ladies wanted clarification on creating a crochet 'magic circle'.  I was able to do that for them.

Another wanted to make sure that her knit project was on track and wanted some guidance on binding off.

Beginning on September 5th, these nights will have a new name, date and time
  Maker Night Yarn 
 the 1st Saturday of each month
 from 6:30-8:30. 

YOU are invited to join us, provided that you live near or are willing to drive to the Avon, IN area :)

Or look for the Maker Night Yarn at a Michaels near you.

I look forward to knitting and/or crocheting with you soon!

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