Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My new logo doll- Meecy!
When I first wanted a logo, I knew what I had in mind.  But things fell through (several times) and then it hit me.... I crochet dolls in the likeness of people so why not make my own?!

That's just what I did.  It was quite interesting to make a doll that looks like "me".  I named her Meecy because that's what my 3 year old grandson calls me.  

See her nose ring and glasses?
Her Fitbit

An actual pair of earrings. 

When I do events I wear an apron

Rubber bands helps her to hold onto the box of yarn

The apron has pockets

The apron is removable

Close up of the apron.

I found this mini hat box and painted the dots so it matches the hatbox that I transport yarn in.
 Yes, those are real balls of yarn. 
I am very happy with how she turned out, just like the vision in my head!  She will grace my new business cards, apron, and address labels among other things and maybe accompany me to events.

Oh, and I am officially a business owner!  I am a real EIN (employer identification number), TIN (tax identification number), LOC (location number) having business. I also have a business bank account.
I've opened shops on Etsy and Scott's  Marketplace.  I'll be working on those slowly.  Notice the link to my Etsy shop to the right->

I'm feeling excited about everything. I'll still take things slowly and am happy that I was able to take time off from filling orders to work on these things.  It's let me re-focus and re-energize.

I have some other things in the works. It seems like I get a new idea everyday. The best part... not having to ask for permission to do the things that I want to do.  I'm the boss :)

I've also been doing some major de-cluttering.  I'm sure that the things that I'm donating will bring joy to others.  I'm loving all the space that I now have, again.

UPDATE:  I know that the doll that I donated to the Avon Outdoor Learning Center online auction was bought but I'm not sure about the birdhouse that I donated to Partners in Housing Indy.  Silent auctions are sooo very different  nowadays.  It's all done on a mobile device and I didn't get set up to follow the bids. I'm hoping that "Not For Birds" went to a good home.

I'm looking forward to taking orders again.  I have some flowers to crochet to deliver on Saturday, one of my daughters has asked for some special crocheted dolls, I'm going to knit 2 surprise gifts for my mother and I will probably participate in an upcoming art show.

And the de-cluttering will continue.  I have no idea why I was holding onto some of these things.  But they are moving to new places and people so that new things can come into my life.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's time to vote!

Below is the information on how you can vote for my knitted entry into the Great Birdhouse Challenge 2015.  Your votes, tweets, shares and likes on Instagram are much appreciated!
"Not For Birds"

The challenge is easy. It takes just one minute of your day to vote for your favorite!
Here is how to vote for your favorite birdhouse:
1. Go to our voting page: Partners in Housing Indy
1. Find and click on your favorite birdhouse
2. Click on the VOTE button on the birdhouse entry page (worth one point)
3. Share on Facebook (worth two points)
4. Share on Twitter (worth two points)
5. Like the picture on Partners In Housing's Instagram page (see the sidebar on any individual birdhouse page) (worth one point each like)
Total of 5 points for each of your favorite birdhouses can be given per person.
Don't delay! Vote Today! Voting closes on Thursday, April 16th at 11:59 a.m. 
Want to purchase one? RSVP to attend the 6th Annual Great Birdhouse Challenge, presented by National Bank of Indianapolis, on Saturday, April 18th from 6-8:30 p.m. Can't make the event, that is okay! Silent auction of the birdhouses will be online starting early on Friday, April 17th at 6 p.m. and available to bid on even if you aren't at the event! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sharing is Caring

During a recent conversation with my grandchildren about sharing, my 6 year old granddaughter said that "sharing is caring".  And that's just what I've been doing lately with my knit and crochet skills.

Partners in Housing Indy is an organization that assists people in finding affordable housing.  Their Great Birdhouse Challenge consists of online voting and then a silent auction. The voting begins on Wednesday, April 8th.  Go to their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more information on how you can vote for my and the other birdhouses.
My knitted donation...
"Not For Birds"
The Avon Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) is a 7 acre gem where students can put classroom information into real world practices! They are having an online auction from April 8-22 to raise money to support the outdoor classroom located in Hendricks County-Avon, IN. "Join" the event on their Facebook page to bid on some great items. 
My donation...
Crocheted doll
Amy Reader is an artist and University of Richmond student who is currently working on her Honors Thesis Exhibition. The goal for this project is for at least 100 women to crochet one or more wisteria vines and submit them for display in an installation that will be shown in an exhibition that opens on May 1 at Lovebomb in Richmond, VA, USA.   The aim of this project is to showcase the strength and individuality of the women who participate. Follow the progress on Amy's blog (
and her Twitter (@aimers720) and Instagram (@readamy)
My donation...
5 crocheted wisteria vines

I am honored to know that items that I knitted and crocheted will play a part in raising awareness, funds and be included in a large art installation.  
Sharing IS caring!