Yarn bombing project at the College Avenue Library

We finally finished the 2nd chair!  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  Both chair look and feel great.

 The 1st chair. Jan. 2013

Because so many of us knit and or crochet, our manager thought it would be fun if we did a yarn bombing project.  I was asked to over see everything so after choosing 2 chairs to cover, I measured and let everyone know what size swatches they should complete.  Once all are collected, I will join the pieces to cover the upper part of the chairs.  I'm taking pictures to document the process.  It should be completed mid January.
Thanks to everyone who is participating!
Front of one of the chairs we'll cover

Back of the chair

Leftover  yarn some will use

Our first completed swatches!

Less yarn, more swatches!


2 more contributions! 1-9-13

How it's looking so far

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