Monday, February 16, 2015

I love my life!

In September of 2014, I decided to change the focus of my life.

                      Pictures from my Cardboard Weaving activity 
                      Meet the Artists XXVII @ Central Library 

Since then I make my living by teaching, selling and showing my knit and crochet works of art.

I have  been asked to create pieces of art to show; have participated at events where I encourage others to create their own pieces of art; have had increased opportunities to teach more people how to knit and or crochet; have had the pleasure of creating unique pieces for a wide variety of customers; have thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering with my grandchildren's schools in addition to being able to increase the time I volunteer at another school as a reading mentor; am able to knit and crochet until the early morning hours and then sleep as late as my body wants to without feeling guilty.

I have more available time to spend with my children and grandchildren; I'm able to enjoy long afternoon walks; my health has improved and the only stress I have is when I have several items due near the same time.

I am continually learning how to run a successful business.

I have met and re-connected with some great people.

I am very fortunate to have a very loving, supportive and patient family.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in the happiness that is my life!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art that's truly from MY heart!

With all of the works of art that I've created there have been 3 times that I had a really strong emotional connection.  I didn't realize it until after completing them though.  I'd be excited while working on them but couldn't figure out why I had a hard time actually finishing.  Then it hit me, once I complete a piece it's no longer mine, but is then shared with others.

I first experienced this with a piece I created for the Fiber Tales art show.  The piece titled Hair had been in my head for over a year before I decided to bring it to life.

Then it happened again when I completed this doll and wheelchair for a friend's grandson.  I think it was knowing that this young man would not only have a doll that resembled him but also his form of independence.

I once again experienced this while completing my knitted quilt piece Log Cabin.  It is on display for the month of February at the Pike Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library.  I wanted to show the versatility of knitting while sharing information about the Underground Railroad Quilt Code.




I'm proud of everything that I create but when I finish a piece and feel like crying happy tears, I know that I've created something that very truly is a piece from my heart.