Thursday, June 27, 2013

My very productive week of FINISHING!

I've been on vacation from work this week.  I dubbed it as my week of finishing and I'm proud to say (and show) that I've finished a lot!  I have some big, amazing, wonderful opportunities coming up soon so I wanted and needed to finish some things that I've just been pushing around. 

As exciting as it is to start a new project, it's very rewarding to finish existing ones!

First, my second grandson of the summer made his appearance last week.  Mr. Peyton James weighed in at a healthy 9lbs 14ozs and is 24 inches long.  Mom, baby, big brother and dad are all doing well.
Chris checking out his 3 day old brother.

I often listen to audiobooks while knitting/crocheting/etc. Some months ago I started listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  It was a very interesting book with lots of twists.  I was very disappointed in the ending, but it's marked off of my list of things to do!

The knit and crochet blocks were donated to the Avon Michaels store.

 Next on the agenda was to combine the Warm Up America squares into 2 more blankets.  I then delivered them to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.  Again, a very rewarding feeling even if I was carrying 6 blankets on the hottest day of the year!  In addition to these 3, I'd crocheted 2 and knitted 1 blanket to donate. 

 These squares will be part of a quilt series and the artist asked me to correct several of them.  If you look closely, you can see what I did.  For more information about the artist and the series, check out  I'm very proud to be a part of this!
While my sewing machine was on, I decided to fix a body pillow for my daughter Stefani.  Afterwards I realized it's now about half of it's original size (it's been "fixed" several times) but she loves it and if you look close you see that's her hugging it in her sleep!

There were also several things that didn't require yarn,hook, needles or sewing machine. I read 4 books and wrote annotations for a library committee that I'm on, took Chloe and Stefani swimming with Courtney, spent time with all of the grandchildren, got back on track with my running, attended an Aqua Zumba class, met some friends for dinner, made fliers for 2 upcoming Michaels classes, AND taught a lady how to crochet! I still have 3 days left before I return to work.  I have a sock monkey that needs to be crocheted and THEN I can start on my some new projects!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Michaels classes info...

I have now updated my Michaels class schedule through the end of August.  This includes pictures of the items to be taught in each class and a description.  If you click on each date of the calendar (to the right) you'll get the details.  If you click on the Michaels Avon class schedule tab at the top, you'll see the pictures and other information about each class.

Remember all classes registered and paid for between now and July 6th will be $18.75 instead of the regular $25 each!

I'm still taking ideas for "special" classes so if there's something that you'd like to learn, let me know ASAP!

And thank you ALL for visiting my blog over 3,700 times!

Woo saaaaaaa!

My life is busy and crazy again, but I'm working on making it more manageable.  How you may ask?  Well, I'm putting me first. That means eating better and working out more regularly, both of which help me to sleep better.   I have health issues (don't we all) that I thought would put an end to my working out but I found out I'm just as sore and stiff if I don't work out as when I do.  So with my doctor(s) blessings, I've started running again.  I ran years ago but when you're told you have maybe 3 different types of arthritis, you (I) thought that meant my life would now be spent sitting and watching others.  Nope! So I've started running again.  I'm taking it slow and following a program (couch to 5k) that prepares you to run a k5 in 8 weeks.  I'm on week 2 and still feeling good.  I'm even planning to run a 5k in September to celebrate my 53rd birthday!

I wanted to do something else that would be easier on my joints so I found an Aqua Zumba class!  The first time was sooo much fun and  I proved that you don't have to be able to swim or even  dance to do this class!  I don't normally like group exercise classes but this one was different. There were women of different sizes, ages, colors and abilities.  So the plan is to walk/run 3 times a week and do the Aqua Zumba 2-3 times a week. Working out helps me to focus and settles some of my energy.  I've also found out that even if  I'm in pain when I first start, once I'm walking, running or moving in the pool, I don't feel any pain.  I do lots of stretching and I like using a stability ball, it seems like the stretches are better that way.

I'm also working to finish some already started projects before starting new ones.  I have been presented with some great opportunities and I want to have a clear head and plate so I can give them my all!  I'm working on saying no to some things (and people) or at least not volunteering to take on so much.  In addition to some recent invitations to be involved with other artists and businesswomen on ventures that they're involved in, I was recently accepted into the Indiana Librarians Leadership Academy!  Another great opportunity for me.

We're still waiting for the 2nd grandson of the summer to make his appearance, he should be here this week though.  As blessed and busy as my life is, I know that putting my health first will allow me to continue to do the many things that I want to do with my family and for myself.  I hope that you all realize the same thing too and take better care of yourselves!

It also helps to laugh and have a good time so I'm sharing this not so flattering picture of myself.  My daughter and I along with other library staff walked in the 500 Festival Parade with the Clifford The Big Red Dog Balloon in May.  I was able to get in a little walking, a lot of standing and had a good time.   Waving and carrying a 45 foot balloon are not as easy as they look! But we had a good time

Have I got a deal for you!

From now (June 16th) until July 6th, any Michaels knit and crochet class that you register and pay for, you will receive a 25% discount. That means you'll pay $18.75 instead of $25.00!
That includes my upcoming Flip Flop Fashions class on Sunday, July 21st.  I'll be doing a demon on this at the Avon Michaels on Sunday, July 6th so stop by to see me and sign up for a class or two.  

Be sure to tell others so they'll get in on this great deal.  

I'll be updating my class schedule so click on the calendar to the right to see what I'm teaching and when.
If there's a 'special' class that you'd like for me to include, be sure to let me know ASAP!

Below are some of the Flip Flop Fashions that I'll be teaching!
Another way to use your Ruffle yarn
The color combinations are endless!