Fiber Tales, 2014

This page will include behind the scene pictures of the piece that I crocheted for this art show.  Enjoy!

Initial drawing.  I'd had this idea in my head for over a year. 

I created a graph from which to crochet the design. 

I was starting to feel confident that my idea could become a piece for others to see. 

The "hair" is a loop stitch to give it a curly look. 

I wanted to put different colors in the hair. 

I changed my mind about the colors in the hair. 

Finished with the earring (a real one I crocheted) attached. 

This is how the back looked as I carried the beige color across each row. 

This is the back after removing the beige yarn.  You can see where the colors for the hair have been pulled to the back. 

Close up view of the earring

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