Flava Fresh 11 2014-2015

On this page I will share behind the scenes pictures and information as I prepare for my 2nd art show!  Each piece will be a variation of  Granny Squares.  I will create a total of 7 new pieces which will be shown at 5 different venues.

Exhibit Venue #4 - Clowes Hall at Butler University

Sweet Dreams          #PinkLove                Inner Strength

Exhibit Venue #3 - Indiana Interchurch Center, Indianapolis

One Daisy Square
The original 16 squares

All 16 combined

4 combined
The final version with 9 squares and edging  

My signature, thanks to a fellow artist for suggesting it. 

Exhibit Venue #2 - Fishers Town Hall
Flowers & Hearts

Exhibit venue #1 - The Indianapolis ArtsGarden
Motifs made first
Motifs combined

Getting burlap cut to make canvasses

My staple gun and exacto knife

Choosing which size wood strips to buy

Burlap cut and being stapled

Wired by Michaels

Wood strips and foam board used to cover the back.
Part of my cheering squad! This piece at the ArtsGarden
will be on display until July 31.

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