Flava Fresh! 12 - 2015-2016

On this page I will post pictures and information about the 2015-2016 Flava Fresh! Exhibition Series. This year I've chosen to create a variety of circular designs.

June 8 - doily 1
I shouldn't take pics in the very early morning hours :)

June 10 progress
The original plan was to create 2 - 19 inch doilies for the first exhibit location.  But this is the most intricate and time consuming thing I've ever crocheted so I might change my plan.

I'm using a size 10 - 100% cotton crochet thread

Side by side comparison of size 10 thread and
#4 worsted yarn

Side by side comparison of a size G crochet hook
and the size 7/ 1.65 mm that I'm using for the doily

In progress pics of piece #3

Completed piece #3

Completed piece #2
I crocheted this one using worsted yarn.  It was easier to work with than the crochet thread but it curled a lot while I was working on it.  I wasn't sure it would lay flat but it did when I was finished.

Now to make the canvasses and mount these pieces.  They'll be installed on Tuesday, June 30th at the Indianapolis ArtsGarden.


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Blooming Pineapples & Suncatching Pineapples waiting to be hung

In the display case

Exhibit 2 - At the Indiana Interchurch Center from July 3 - August 28, 2015

GrowingDreams the crocheted piece

GrowingDreams - the poem
Mandalas have become my new favorite thing to crochet!
Rather easy and allow for lots of creativity.

StarFlower Mandala

Rainbow Mandala

Simple Mandala

These will be on display at the Garfield Park Arts Center during the month of August 2015.  I am happy to have them finished so far ahead of the deadline.  I just need to attach the Gallery Tags and have them wired.  

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