The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by the Motherland

A behind the scenes look at my preparation for
 the IndyPL's African American History Committee's Meet the Artists XXVI

The exhibit is open to the public January 29 - March 22, 2014 during the library's open hours.  

GALA OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, February 8, 5:45-10:00 pm

Free parking is available in the garage
Central Library 40 E Saint Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN  

FIRST FRIDAY: Friday, March 7th from 6-9 pm

Pictures from the Gala Reception - Saturday, March 8, 2014
Bag from designer and Fashion Show Coordinator Nikki Blaine

Certificate of participation

Middle shelf of my display- crocheted hats and bowl.  Some of the fibers that were used for my items. 

Bottom shelf- crocheted dolls, giraffe and hippo. Knit elephant and lion puppets

Top shelf - crocheted earrings, knit zebra print

One of the chairs - knit back and crocheted seat

My son and grandson looking at the display case

Another grandson wondering why  "his" things are in this case :)

My yarn bombed chairs
 (Yarn bombing is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fiber rather than paint or chalk)
I found these chairs at a place on the west side of Indy
My original plan was to fix the bamboo seating

Then I realized I could just cover them!

This is how the pieces look before the final step of putting them together and fitting them to the chair

This is the chart I knitted the yellow and white sections from

The front side of this design
How the knitting looks on the back side    

The black and gray pieces were knit and then alternately turned to create the illusion of weaving

The back of the chair                                                      The front of the chair

The making of a knit elephant puppet -


First the yarn.  The 2nd and 3rd pictures show how I used double pointed needles and a stitch holder.

These are the elephant ears and tongue.  The body once it's put together and the finished products!  Sometimes I get so caught up in the making I forget to stop and take pictures along the way.


The completed parts for the giraffe and hippo.  I usually find attaching all the little parts takes longer than the actual crocheting.


I made these dolls mostly freehand.  I used a pattern for the basic body and then chose how I wanted the clothes and hair to look.  I just love them!  
I purposely made them with a dark brown.  I want children (and adults) to see themselves in these dolls, also a reason for not giving them facial features.

12 pair of crocheted earrings in Kente Cloth Colors


Some of the yarns/fibers I used for the earrings - Bamboo Cording and Metallic Embroidery Thread.  I also used sock yarn, cotton thread
and bonbons yarn


The 3 hats that I knitted in exchange for my photographer friend Amelia to do my photo shoot for my head shots.

The finished neckerchief that's pictured below, when it was in progress.

I'll post pictures and updates here as I prepare for The African American History Committee's Meet the Artists XXVI.  I am honored to have been invited to be a featured artist!

Scarf I'm working on for my "photo shoot" for my head shots. * See below pictures from the photo shoot to see how the finished neckerchief turns out.

Chairs I'll be yarn bombing. 

Crochet earrings I'm making for my art collection.

Zebra print mat I'm knitting.

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot for my head shots.

Pictures were taken at the White River State Park, near NIFS in Indianapolis. I can't wait to see how the finished products turn out!  Check out my very talented photographer friend Amelia at thanksandsorryphotos

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