Friday, May 15, 2015

I didn't know there was such a thing...


I hear that all the time when I tell people that I'm a certified knit and crochet instructor.  To teach at Michaels ALL instructors/teachers are required to be certified.  So what exactly does that mean?  I am certified through the Craft Yarn Council (CYC).  If you go to their website you can access lots of resource information on knitting, crocheting and other yarn crafts.

For certification, I applied and paid for the  correspondence course fees for both knit and crochet Certified Instructors Program (CIP). There is also an in-person workshop option.

I received a handbook and manual along with my assignments. Once all were completed I had to send in my samples and lessons to my assigned evaluator. She then arranged a phone interview and we discussed my lesson plans and samples.  The CYC offers Level I and Level II certification for both knit and crochet.  I completed Level I in 2012 and have had my Level II assignments for a while now and am determined to finish both SOON.  I've asked for and received an extension but I need to settle down and get them both finished.  There isn't that much to do and now I have more experience with formal teaching and know what to expect from my interview.
For the knit I have 5 lessons which include 7 knit samples, 3 buttonhole samples, writing lesson plans for 3 intermediate-level classes and a sweater.
For the crochet I have 5 lessons which include 10 crochet samples, 3 types of finishing, writing lesson plans for 3 intermediate-level classes and a sweater.

So I'm writing about it today is for 2 reasons:

1) to give people a better idea of what it takes to be certified

2) accountability for ME to get it done

I'm not dreading it or anything, it's just that other things keep coming up.  Like the bookmarks I decided to crochet.  At first it was 4, now it's 10.  I mentor/tutor 4 students in reading and wanted to make them something. Then I decided to make the teacher who leads the program something. (+1) Then I decided to make one for each of my grandson's preschool teachers where I volunteer twice a month. (+2) Then I thought the library staff at my granddaughter's school where I also volunteer would like them (+2) and since someone has been nicer than when we first met months ago, I thought I'd make her one too (+1).  (=10)
Owl bookmarks in progress
But the bookmarks WILL be finished tonight.  And this weekend I WILL get started on my Level II certification. I think the part that will take the longest will be the designing, writing an original pattern AND knitting and crocheting the two sweaters.  They can be adult or child size.  I really don't want to have to ask for another extension.

My other motivation to finish is that I have lots of new things on the horizon.  I'm almost finished with all of my de-cluttering.  I am soooo happy with all of the space that I have again in my house.  It was quite a process though.  There were items that had me upset for some of the things I put up with in the past and many things that showed me just how far I've come in the 24 years of living in Indy.  

I recently responded to a question about what age in my life I'd like to be and I have to say I am very happy with my life as it is now.  I am doing things I didn't imagine I would and they are bringing me so much happiness, peace and joy.  It's everything that I've been through that has brought me to this time and place in my life.  Adult children who are healthy, doing great, positive and inspiring things; being a business owner happily making my own decisions; having a flexible schedule that allows me to volunteer whenever and wherever I choose; the opportunity to be available for my healthy, happy and often times funny grandchildren and spending time with them on a regular basis; good health and enjoying getting out and walking to ensure that my health remains good; people who support my business and artistic endeavors. 
I really couldn't ask for anything more and am thankful each and everyday!
Now to get back to crocheting and knitting  so I can post progress pics :)
~Thank you!

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