Sunday, May 24, 2015

I finally started!

I work best with deadlines so I had to set one for myself to finish Level II of my Knit & Crochet Teacher Certification. I completed Level I 3 years ago which made me a Certified Instructor.  Level II will make me a Certified Teacher.  I decided to start with Crochet and I already know most of the techniques.  It's just a matter of me sitting still long enough to complete the assignments.

Once the application and fee are submitted to the Craft Yarn Council (CYC) you receive access to the manuals and handbook and are sent via email the assignments and homework.  You are also introduced to your Master Teacher who will evaluate your samples, lesson plans and conduct an interview over the phone.

Lesson 6 covers Crochet Meshes Stitch & Color Variations.  There are a total of 4- 5" squares to be completed. For me the challenge has been to get the correct size requirements.  The manual and handbook describe how to make the technique but don't tell you how many stitches to chain or how many rows to do.  I tend to crochet loose so when working on the samples I have to constantly measure.  And yes, I've had to start over and over and over.  The "pressure" is knowing that someone is going to be judging my work.  I know that I do a good job but I'm not used to having my work "judged" by a "master".
Fair Isle & Tapestry back view

Double crochet- working between stitches for the top
and alternating front and back posts for the bottom

Single Crochet intarsia front view

Filet crochet

Singe Crochet intarsia back view
And my self imposed deadline to be finished with both crochet and knit  is June 10th.  Why... you may ask?  That announcement will be coming soon.  BIG things are in the works.

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