Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Time to make a change!

I am making a change to my Avon Michaels knit & crochet class schedule.

The Monday evening classes will now be held on Wednesday evenings. That means I will offer  the same class TWICE on Wednesdays.

For more details click on the calendar to the right.

* Sunday - special project classes (2-4:30)
   Wednesday - beginner knit & crochet classes (2-4:30 & 6-8:30)
   Saturday - kids weaving & crochet classes (2-3:30)
   3rd Saturday of each month - Yarn Night (4-6:00)

I've entered a picture into a photo contest
Crocheted Purple Rose
 If you'd like to vote for any of the other entries, 
click on the link below. 

Now, back to working on my pieces for the upcoming 
FlavaFresh! 12 Art Show :)

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