Sunday, March 16, 2014

There's a WHOLE LOT of Arm Knitting going on!


Just some of the fun today at the Michaels FREE Arm Knitting Social Event.  Everyone who attempted finished their very own scarf/cowl/infinity scarf.  Some stopped by and asked questions but didn't knit with us today.  One person even videotaped me so when she sends me what she recorded, I'll post it.
We were able to see how the scarves look using different types of yarn.

This will be a NEW class at Michaels.  It will last an hour and only cost $10.

I have homework that I absolutely positively HAVE to complete tonight so the plan is to have my class schedules updated tomorrow.

Thanks everyone who stopped by today!

And I'm VERY thankful to work at a Michaels with great managers and staff who support not only me but each other and who also respect their customers!


  1. Wow!!!! looks like you all had a great time. Love the way the cowl/hood looks.....