Tuesday, March 18, 2014

One more thing....

You can register for classes at Michaels online.  Michaels classes

You'll go to Michaels.com, click on Classes (or click on the link above).  You'll click on any class, doesn't matter which one, click book your class, then put in your zip code or the zip code of where you'd like to take a class.  Choose the location you're interested in and you'll get a listing of all of the classes that location offers. (The Avon zip code is 46123)

When you register online, you'll receive a confirmation email.  Open the attachment, that will have your syllabus with the materials that you'll need.  I believe that's also what you show at the register to receive your discount on supplies.

IF you plan to take a class that I teach and want to register right before the class, PLEASE let me know.  I only go to the store if I KNOW I have someone registered.  I usually call 1-2 hours before to see if there's been a late registration. If they say no, then I don't go in.

Remember you can email me at UntangledStitcher@gmail.com.  If I've given you my card, feel free to call or text me also.

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