Monday, January 27, 2014

My (first ever) art display is now on exhibit!

Everything you see that's made of a fiber was either knit or crocheted.  Yes, even the black bowl which is the only thing I didn't create exclusively for this display.  The hat form was white until Saturday night when I decided to paint it!

The chairs will be moved to their display location and roped off this week. 

I'll admit I was equally excited and nervous yesterday morning as I was packing my items to take to Central Library for the art installation.  I don't know why, maybe because LOTS of people will pass by and maybe even stop to look at my displays!  I wondered if others would see what I had in mind as I spent countless hours and many sleepless nights getting everything just right.  I was reassured when several library employees stopped by to support me (Big thanks to Penny, Kim & Tony). And I was even more relaxed when a well known artist Kris said that my chairs looked like something you'd see in a museum.  I was then able to relax and start to enjoy my "artist" status.

When I got home I slept for a good 7 hours!  My body and mind obviously needed the rest.  I didn't do anything productive the rest of the night either.  Today I'm energized and ready to get back at it!  First my poorly neglected house gets attention then I'll start on the vest I plan to crochet to wear to the Gala Reception.  Of course there's the stuff I need to do for work too.

I hope everyone is keeping warm with this latest arctic cold snap we're in the midst of.  A perfect time to knit and/or crochet!

Be sure to click on the tab above "The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by The Motherland" for behind the scenes pictures of my creative process.

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