Sunday, September 1, 2013

I've got my JOY back!

I'm known for telling adults that I don't let others steal my joy and that I don't take on others stress.  I seemed to have forgotten that and allowed some unruly children to steal my joy.  For the last few weeks I've been tired, stressed, beat down and questioning my decision to change jobs.  But then it hit me, I'M the one who's in charge, I'M the professional, I'M the one who fought for this new job and there was no way I was going to let a few knuckleheads take away MY JOY!

Back to running (I'm running in 2  5k's in September) and enjoying Aqua Zumba and eating right (or at least better).  Back to knitting and crocheting, back to laughing and back to enjoying this life that I've struggled and sacrificed so hard to make for myself and my family.

I had to remind myself that I believe in myself but I also believe in these kids at the school.  I have to show by example that being positive makes a huge difference. So instead of giving attention to the negative forces in my classes, I'm giving lots of positive attention to those who deserve it.  For example - I told one little girl how I liked the way she was sitting correctly and almost immediately about 6 kids around her sat right. Took so much less energy on my part!  I also had the bright idea to take pictures of students during their time in the library.  One student who is quite a challenge had his foot on the table. I ran (yes ran) to get my camera. When I got back to him he had his foot on the floor. I asked him to put it back on the table and he said he knew that his feet belonged on the floor.  I could have hugged him!

So starting next week part of the bulletin board outside the library will be titled - "Leaders in the Library" and each week I will post pictures of students who are caught doing the right thing in the library.  There will be other components to it as well.  They will track their own behavior and are being asked to discuss their behavior with another adult. As much as I don't like having to reward expected behavior, it's much better than the alternative. There will be prizes which will include school supplies, lunch with me in the library, snacks and yes even the dreaded candy.

I have to give much thanks to my Librarian Mentors.  They listen to my venting, encourage my efforts and are strong women who are always there for me.  Asking for and accepting help are signs of strength not weakness. :)

AND I even managed to start on one of my pieces for the upcoming Meet the Artist show with the African American History Committee of the Indianapolis Public Library

This Zebra Print mat will cover one of the shelves in the display case for my exhibit
The Colors of OUR Lives - Yarn Art Inspired by the Motherland

I also get a lot of inspiration from the running community.  Even in a virtual world there is encouragement every step of the way and I'm finding ways to let that transfer to other areas of my life. 
"Ain't nothing gonna slow me down!"

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