Saturday, March 9, 2013

Best Open House Ever!

Today I had 9 sign-ups for my knit/crochet classes at the Avon Michaels!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by and chatted with me.  I met some really nice people and many either signed up for a class today or expressed a strong interest in taking a class.  I look forward to knitting and or crocheting with all of you soon!

Tomorrow I'll do a Show IN Tell and will work on dishcloths and hope to get even more students for my dishcloth class that's scheduled for Sunday, March 24th.  It will be my first weekend class and would be the perfect time for anyone who's interested in learning a new stitch.  Let me know the stitch you're interested in learning and I'll teach you!

This is the sign that the Avon Michaels store made to advertise my upcoming classes.
I truly appreciate their support!  Thank you Mary!!

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