Saturday, March 23, 2013

13 new knitters are born!

Today was a lot of fun! I taught a Beginning Knitting class via Trade School Indianapolis.  The way it works, a person offers to teach a class and in exchange they ask (barter) for things to be donated to them.  I asked for books to be donated to Indy Reads Books.  It's a small book store that sells donated books and uses the money to fund Indy Reads which provides reading tutors for adults. 

I did end up with some new yarn, some of the class attendees thought they were supposed to bring yarn for me in addition to what they'd need to get started.  I promised to use the yarn for good and not evil!

I hope that everyone ended the class as more confident knitters than they were when they began!

               Thanks Alyssa, Blaire and Brittany- with Indy Reads & Trade School Indianapolis!

The books we all donated!

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