Friday, December 28, 2012

How I've spent my week off from work

 When I wasn't shoveling myself out of 8 inches of snow this week, I was knitting and crocheting!  The teal and beige cowl was quite a challenge.  It took 5 tries to get the stitch right.  It called for knitting in the stitch below.  Not as easy as it sounds. But it was all worth it when my daughter said it's her favorite thing I've made her! It was also my first time circular knitting with 2 colors- it was actually easier than doing so on straight needles.

One of the things I enjoy about making things myself is the ability to make changes.  The brown cowl for me was supposed to be shorter but I made it longer because I like being able to pull my cowls over my head. It called for a mobius twist which is actually a math term.  It just means you twist it before joining the edges.  I'm working on a pair of cabled hand warmers.  It's the first time I've knit using a chart.  I've done cross stitch before so it's very similar to that. I plan to wear them Sunday so I'll post pictures soon.  

To those who said they've been bored while being snowed in, take up knitting or crocheting, I promise you'll find yourself wishing for more snow days so you can just sit and create!

I'm off next week too.  I wonder what I will create next?    
I finished crocheting my daughter's socks.  She put them on right away!

I knitted this cowl for another daughter.  She said it's her favorite thing that I've made her!

The cowl I showed in a picture a few weeks ago.

This is the cowl up
This is the cowl down

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