Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A knitter is born!

I had a new student today at the East Washington St Michaels.  A very nice 62 year young lady who already crocheted and wanted to give knitting a try.  She did very well! She learned both the knit and purl stitches and I taught her how to crochet with the Red Heart Sashay yarn. 

I had a "first" today.  While teaching Nancy, a customer came in the classroom to ask me how to knit with the Sashay yarn.  Of course I told her she could register for  one of my classes and I'd teach her but that's not what she wanted to hear.  I explained that she could find instructions and videos online.  She seemed to be satisfied with that answer. 

If you're on Pinterest, look for me - UntangledStitch.  I just added a new board with Warm Up America information.  I also have a board that will chronicle the Yarn Bombing project that we're doing at the library.  I'll add a "page" for that here on my blog too.

I hope that all of your knitting and or crocheting projects are happy and productive ones!


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