Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm hooked!

My new favorite thing to crochet are Mandalas.

The word Mandala means 'circle' and they're often considered to be sacred and used in meditation and as a ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism.

I just think that they're pretty and allow for lots of creativity  :)

For the Flava Fresh! XII Exhibition Series for 2015-2016, I knew that I wanted to create crocheted circles (I did Granny Square variations last year) and of course I planned to include some Mandalas.

From what I've read, as for crocheting, the difference between doilies and Mandalas is the type of fiber and colors used.  They can both be a wide variety of sizes ranging from coasters to wall art. Mine are 23 inches in diameter.

Simple Mandala

Rainbow Mandala

StarFlower Mandala
I chose to attach mine to large quilting hoops and was challenged with how to cover the hardware that attach the 2 hoops. With the first one the Mandala is crocheted onto the hoop so I extended some of the stitches and glued yarn to the part of the hoop that extends past the hoop.  For the 2nd two, I made the Mandalas larger so they cover the extra part of the hoop.  

For all three, I used burlap as the background. I make canvasses using burlap for my other crochet pieces so I wanted them all to be consistent. 

These will be on display at the Garfield Park Arts Center from 
August 1-29, 2015.  

Crocheted Mandalas are not that hard to make and very easy to create your own design.  Just experiment and see where your hook takes you!

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