Monday, March 30, 2015

Saturday Sampler @ The Pike Library

On Saturday, March 28th, I had the opportunity to be the featured artist at the Pike Library Branch Saturday Sampler!

They invite different artists to give library patrons hands on experiences with different creative and artistic mediums. I led an activity in Cardboard Weaving.



This is an activity that all ages can participate in and in a few minutes they will have a completed product. A 9 year old young man who at first didn't want to participate made 4 and told me it was fun.  His 8 year old brother created his works of art using the letters in his name.  I especially enjoy when parents and children create, discuss and share with each other.

I like to show people that they can use inexpensive and readily available materials to create unique items.

I also share with people that weaving, knitting and crocheting are fun and creative activities that benefit children and adults in a variety of ways.

Improvement is noted in:
* Fine motor coordination
* Eye-hand coordination
* Reinforces following directions
* Math
* Comprehension
* Critical thinking and problem solving
* Offers a relaxing, tactile experience
* Helps increase focus and attention span

And in my experiences, I find that boys tend to pick up these activities quicker than girls.  I think it's due to video game playing.  Even the wiggliest child (or adult) will sit still to create once they figure out how it all works.

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