Sunday, August 24, 2014


I am soooooo grateful to have children (5) and grandchildren (4) who support my artistic endeavors!  They listen, look and make time to attend my events.  
Thank you guys, I love you all!!
Two artists

My 5 year old granddaughter and I at the Flava Fresh XI - Clowes Hall Gallery Tour and Talk on August 22nd.  The artists guided guests through the gallery and we each spoke about art.  On this piece I let my granddaughter choose the order of the squares.  I also made her earrings to match.  She wasn't there to explain our art work but when she arrived she got lots of compliments on her earrings. She loved the attention and I loved sharing the experience with her!  

Sweet Dreams                     #PinkLove                            Inner Strength

I recently sent a submission for an upcoming art show and there is another that I'm interested in showing at.  This means things won't be slowing down anytime soon, but that's a god thing!  I'll be doing an Arm Knitting workshop in October at a business on Mass Ave and East Street and will have items on display there too.  - More info to come.

I recently finished 2 orders and have another to work on this week.  I put my grandson's Spider Man blanket on hold to fulfill these orders but I will get back to his project soon.  I also need to finish THIS WEEK the crocheted food items for The Children's Museum.  

AND... I'm still teaching knit and crochet at the Avon Michaels.  I hope to have a demo on Saturday August 30th and we will have a Classes Open House on Saturday, September 20th.  I will show new upcoming projects and share my class schedule.  
Beginning in September I will have Monday evening classes instead of Thursday evening classes.  I will continue the Kids classes on Saturday's and New Project knit and crochet classes on Sunday afternoons.  I will also continue the Yarn Night on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Michaels. Pay $5.00 and join other knitters and crocheters to work on projects and get any help you may need.  I won't teach new techniques at these. 

Once I finish this post I will update my class schedule on my calendar so be sure to click on it to see when the class YOU will take is :)

Thank you ALL for your support!
~ Denise

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