Sunday, July 20, 2014

Good News and Bad News...

The bad news is no one attended the Yarn Night on Saturday, July 19th at Michaels.

The good news is during that time that I waited, I was able to work on new fliers for the Michaels kids classes.  In addition to crocheting Michaels is now offering Weaving classes for kids.  Be sure to check the calendar to see when I'll be offering those.


Also, at the Flava Fresh XI reception at the Fishers Town Hall on Friday night, one artist expressed an interest in learning how to crochet and another asked me to make him 3 hats.

To those of you who missed it, it was a nice relaxing evening with the opportunity to meet many of the participating artists.

I have finished my "Peace" piece for the next exhibit, I'm waiting for the stretcher strips to make the canvas and mount it.
A piece of the Peace piece.
I'm making 3 new pieces for the 4th exhibit location and one of those is finished.  I have been very busy crocheting!

I need to take a short break to finish some work I'm doing with another artist. I'll be modifying some quilting work.

Be sure to click on the Flava Fresh tab above to see behind the scenes pictures of my progress for this art show.

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