Monday, July 8, 2013

Who does... I do!

Maybe I was dreaming, but I thought that last night I read on one of my Knit & Crochet instructor Facebook group pages that someone wrote "who uses mobile coupons" as if it was a bad thing.  I then thought about all the ways I use my "devices" when it comes to knit and crochet so I thought I'd blog about it.  But then today I couldn't find the post!  I still want to write about how I use my devices ;)

I have an HP laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Nexus (cell phone)

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            I get email coupons and I have apps for Michaels (of course) and JoAnns to get special coupons.  I also sew and Michaels doesn't sell fabric (not by the yard) and sometimes Michaels doesn't have the yarn I'm looking for so....  The apps also have projects, events, special deals and store information.

I download patterns that I find online.  I like that on my tablet I can zoom to make them larger.  I don't like that I can't 'mark' specific places on the patterns.  I've been told that's a possibility but I  haven't figured it out yet.  I've made folders on my tablet and laptop and then put the downloaded patterns in them. I also bookmark patterns from websites.  

Of course there are the cameras on all of my devices.  I'm always taking pictures.  I really like taking pictures of the process and not just the finished projects, then they can be posted to my blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  And it means I don't have to carry my projects with me, I can just pull out the tablet or phone and show off pictures of my finished projects!

I access Twitter and Facebook on my phone and tablet when I'm away from my laptop - both to post and tweet and to read what others have posted and tweeted.

There are the Note & Memo apps.  I can write lists of knit/crochet supplies that I need.  I recently needed to look at the price and size of yarn that I didn't have the label for and I just put it all on my phone's ColorNote.  It's an easy way to have lists with me at all times and not a lot of pieces of paper.

Another use for all 3 is to look up stitches.  I'm not a fan of many of the YouTube videos on  knit/crochet but if I can't remember how to do a stitch or want further information on a new one I'm trying to learn, I don't have to wait for a book from the library!

There are a lot of  knit/crochet blogs, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards and websites with a lot of good information and many often have free patterns.  Technology has definitely made knitting and crocheting much easier!

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