Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank goodness for crocheting (and knitting)!

What better way to end an unusually stressful work week than by teaching 3 new eager crochet students?!
I hadn't taught a class at the Avon Michaels since... November.

There were also 2 bags of Warm Up America blocks waiting for me so I'll work on those and deliver completed blankets to Riley Hospital soon.

This is one of my recently completed cowls that I absolutely love!   It looks more complicated than it really is and it's one of the items from the Michaels knit classes. It's the Fair Isle technique using a chart.

This is the shrug I knit to wear last week.  It looks better on than it does in this picture.  It's long sleeved and can be crossed either in the front or back for a different look.  If you look close enough, you can see that the fringe is different lengths. Oops! It was designed to be made using a bulkier yarn but I wanted it in a 4 weight.  I also used a stockinette stitch as opposed to the garter stitch in the pattern.  I think I'll make another one using a bulkier yarn.  

A rare picture of me with some of my fellow committee members after our Gala Reception last weekend.  And yes, I also made my dress. 

I'm now working on knitting another cowl.  I need to crochet the 2nd of a pair of socks for my granddaughter and I owe my grandson 2 crocheted stuffed animals.  Then there's the second chair covering that we are yarn bombing at work. But knowing me, I'll start something completely new ; )

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