Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blogging, tweeting and knitting, oh my!

 The project I decided to work on today in between sessions. I'll post another pic when I finish this cowl.

I'm at a library conference this week. Missing my kiddos and Story time but gaining lots of new knowledge and knitting in between sessions :-)

It's funny how technology has changed us/things.  We were encouraged to tweet during the conference sessions.  One presenter even had things posted within her PowerPoint presentation that she wanted us to tweet!

I got this bright idea to have a giveaway so tomorrow I'll tweet that I have something for those who come to me and acknowledge that they read my tweet.  I'm planning to knit or crochet some bookmarks.  I'll also give them my knit/crochet business card with my blog and Facebook info, I have become quite the marketer!

And yes, I did get some librarian info today too  ;)

Ok, now to get busy making these bookmarks to giveaway tomorrow!  I'll take pics of that too.


  1. Just saw your blog on the CYC Facebook page. Good luck on your blog!