Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art that's truly from MY heart!

With all of the works of art that I've created there have been 3 times that I had a really strong emotional connection.  I didn't realize it until after completing them though.  I'd be excited while working on them but couldn't figure out why I had a hard time actually finishing.  Then it hit me, once I complete a piece it's no longer mine, but is then shared with others.

I first experienced this with a piece I created for the Fiber Tales art show.  The piece titled Hair had been in my head for over a year before I decided to bring it to life.

Then it happened again when I completed this doll and wheelchair for a friend's grandson.  I think it was knowing that this young man would not only have a doll that resembled him but also his form of independence.

I once again experienced this while completing my knitted quilt piece Log Cabin.  It is on display for the month of February at the Pike Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library.  I wanted to show the versatility of knitting while sharing information about the Underground Railroad Quilt Code.




I'm proud of everything that I create but when I finish a piece and feel like crying happy tears, I know that I've created something that very truly is a piece from my heart.

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