Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's GO time!

I am very honored to be one of the featured artists for the IndyPL's African American History Committee's Meet the Artists XXVI!

I've known this for about a year but only recently felt that I was ready to take the visions that are in my head and transform them into yarn/fiber works of art!

 The title of my exhibit is:
 "The Colors of OUR Lives: Yarn Art Inspired by the Motherland"

It's taken some time to narrow down to what I want to make and show.  I was asked by the Exhibit Coordinator to 'yarn bomb' 2 chairs.  It took several months to find the chairs that I wanted but I did and only very recently decided which patterns I want to use to cover the chairs with.

I'll also have items shown in a display case.  I've had lots  of suggestions as to what I should put in it but I knew that I wanted to show things that show off my talent as a knitter and crocheter. I'll make a variety of things using a variety of fibers/yarns.  I was also asked by the Coordinator to include some of the earrings that I make.
 These earrings were crocheted and just need the hooks added.  I will make a pair (in different shapes) in all of the colors found in Kente cloth.  I can make them rather quickly so I've put these away for now. 
My display will also include book marks.  I've chosen some cross stitch designs that I'll knit.  I'm considering adding an African Princess doll. A friend shared the pattern with me.  I've previously showed the Zebra print mat that I'm making to add to the display case.  That reminds me that I need to finish that too!

I've been in touch with a photographer and will have head shots taken in the next 2 weeks. This means that I need something to wear which of course means that I  NEED to make what I wear.
   I've narrowed it down to 2 scarves and this is the progress I've made so far on one of them. And I'm bartering with the photographer. She's going to choose something for me to make for her.   
I would like to create a QR Code that people can scan and it will lead them here to my blog with information about the display including the fiber/yarn and techniques used. 

The exhibit opens to the public on January 29th and runs through March 22, 2014.  There will be a Gala Opening Reception on Saturday, February 8th.  All will be at Central Library - 40 E. St. Clair St., Indianapolis. The Gala begins at 6:00 and ends at 10:00 pm.  I'll add more information as it gets closer but there will be entertainment and a Fashion Show.  It will all be FREE and open to the public. For the first time MTA will participate in "First Friday" on March 7th from 6:00-9:00 pm.  

I am very excited about this great opportunity! To have a well known artist think enough of my knitting and crocheting to consider it to be art that he'd like to have in his widely known event has been the greatest compliment that I could ever receive!  I hope that people will look at my items and say "Wow!"  I want them to first think that they didn't know it was possible to make such beautiful things with yarn, needles and hooks. Then I want them to say that they want to learn how to knit and crochet.  

So no more distractions, no getting off track. I want to have more things than I'll need so I'll have items to choose from when I put my display together.  I will also have the opportunity to sell items at the Gala so I need to have "extras" made.  

I hope you all won't get tired of hearing about all of this.  I will use my blog to chronicle what I'm working on so you'll all have the 'behind the scene' view that others won't.  

Keep in mind I'll be working on these items while working, teaching at Michaels and the 2 library locations and doing the many things that make my life so full.  I recently presented at a conference and the overall theme was Everyday Superheroes in the Library.  My group decided that we'd wear capes and masks.  Yes, I crocheted my cape!  I liked it so much that I decided to make it longer so I'll actually wear it. 

I'm putting on hold the hats that I'll soon be making for my grandchildren and great nephew but once I do I'll post pics.  

Thank you all in advance for going along with me on this knit/crochet/art journey!


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